3 Sided Coin

Classic Principles.
Fresh & BOLD.

Around 2009-10, when HTML5 and CSS3 were up-and-coming; Responsive Web Design was becoming a thing; IE5 was on its last-last leg; art-directed blog posts were a rage; and post-recession start-ups had started to boom - we started this studio to make better designs for products.

3 Sided Coin is a location-independent Product Design and Strategy studio. We collaborate with clients from the concept phase to the design, and delivery of a project.

Our beautiful and functional work resonates with the emotions of the users, and meets the goals of our clients.

As 3 Sided Coin, and as Uncommon 2013-17, we have worked with companies big and small to create products that connect with humans.

LOUD & Clear.

Dhruva Shastri

Dhruva works as a Spin Doctor at 3 Sided Coin - a title given in jest because it was hard to pin her role in a single bucket.

She is an inquisitive #WomenInTech with goals to learn new things every day. Dhruva enjoys being a facilitator for Google’s #IamRemarkable initiative, playing a role as an Ambassador at WTM Ahmedabad, overusing #hashtags, and dropping funny buzzwords in conversations.

Kasturi Singh

Kasturi is an engineer-turned-designer based out of Bengaluru. She makes sure everything to do with the interface looks nothing short of kick-ass. She also tries her hand on illustrations and graphic design at times.

Before joining 3 Sided Coin, she designed for Danske Bank where she worked collaboratively with stakeholders migrating legacy web applications to modern interfaces.

When not designing, she likes reading books with weird titles and exploring aesthetic cafes in the city.

Manaal Oomerbhoy

Manaal is a Mumbai-based UX writer and researcher as well as occasional brand strategist. She uses words to design intuitive and engaging experiences and enjoys developing empathy with people.

Before 3 Sided Coin, she worked in communications in the music industry and before that, in the world of handicraft and fashion. She also freelances as a journalist, occasionally DJs moody electronic music and regularly consumes a lot of dim-sum and spicy Asian food.

Tejas Bhatt

Tejas started 3 Sided Coin in 2010 after working as a Business Analyst for Fortune-500 companies.

There were two catalysts to his career as a UX/UI designer: first, frustration with lack of focus on making products better even at companies like Capital One 2009 and Wells Fargo 2010, and second - he was laid off around the Great Recession. He took that as an opportunity to found a studio focused on creating better digital products.