3 Sided Coin

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3 Sided Coin is a remote product design and strategy studio. We collaborate with clients right from the strategic and research phases of a project, through to design and delivery.

We enjoy making human-focused work that elicits emotional responses, and always aim to exceed the expectations of our clients.

As 3 Sided Coin, and as Uncommon 2013-17, we have worked with companies big and small to create kick-ass experiences that resonate with the people who use them.

LOUD & Clear.


Avinash is a student based out of Ooty who joined 3sc as a UI Design Intern in 2022.

When not infatuating over interfaces, he is either de-ranking on Valorant or re-watching A:TLA (the tv show, not the movie 🙄) for the hundredth time.


Abinash, our UX-UI designer, got bitten by the design bug right out of college. He picked up the required superpowers quickly to spin web.

Abinash needs his music, and coffee to replenish his powers. He is also 3SC’s resident gamer & game nerd.


Bhavya Arora is our Bangalore-based graphic designer/illustrator.

Bhavya loves food; likes making food and even making illustrations of food in both 2D and 3D. She hates pigeons with the same passion.


Karthik joined our sister company Able in 2019. Over the next 2.5 years, he collaborated with us so much on projects, that we officially moved him to our pod in 2021.

Karthik, of Hyderabad, obsesses over details and edge cases; when not working, he obsesses over history, fantasy, and metal - some times all of it together.


Kasturi is an engineer-turned-designer based out of Bengaluru. She makes sure everything to do with the interface looks nothing short of kick-ass.

When not designing, she likes reading books with weird titles and exploring aesthetic cafes in the city.


Tejas started 3 Sided Coin in 2010 after working as a Business Analyst for Fortune-500 companies.

Tejas leads client communication and product delivery at 3SC. He is fixated on the idea of working less - both on work, and off it.

Past members
Dhruva Shastri

Dhruva worked as a Spin Doctor Communication Head at 3 Sided Coin.

Dhruva moved to our sister company Able to work as a project manager in 2021.

Manaal Oomerbhoy

Manaal was our UX writer and researcher

In early 2022, she moved to US after two years at 3SC.


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