3 Sided Coin

A design studio that puts play to work.

We’re a scrappy bunch of tinkerers, internet gadabouts and kickass designers who find new, fun ways of using creativity to solve serious business problems.

We specialise in research, editorial and product design.

  • webby honoree 2022 for fiftytwo
  • ipad app of the year 2018 for froggipedia


and more…

Startups. AI. E-commerce. Immersive Experiences. Financial services. We’ve done it all!

  • flipkart
  • ideo collab
  • urban company
  • microsoft

“no way will that get approved!”

…but thinking of it will lead to something kickass that does! You see, we like thinking beyond the brief and getting as imaginative as we can.

right brain section

We keep our heads fresh with side projects and random hustles that get us weirdly excited.

jamun verse is dessert roz’s new dessert page

the many faces of 3 Sided Coin

We’re designers and problem solvers. We draw inspiration from things outside of work. We want to create impact to our clients & their businesses, communities, and industries. We’re 3SC. How can we help? :) 

jamun verse is dessert roz’s new dessert page