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Confidential Research Project

2021-23 e-Commerce

We conducted ongoing research activities to understand online buying behaviours of Indian e-commerce users, in collaboration with Studio Oblique.

Strategy & ResearchQualitative User Interviews Research Analysis

In 2021, one of the world’s leading e-commerce platforms wanted to understand the local online buying behaviours in depth.

Our initial engagement was to evaluate their products from three angles:

  1. competitive analysis: pulling in research about e-commerce buying behaviours in India. We talked with people who have been at the forefront of India’s ecommerce rise to understand the nuances, while also did a comparative analysis of 5 other products
  2. Qualitative: conducted 20 User Interviews for critical journeys
  3. A technical analysis

This engagement led to a partnership of 2-plus years where we conducted more than 150 user interviews — both buyers and sellers — to test hypothesis, learn new behaviours, and aid in creating analysis to help strategize for their India launch.

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credits —


Manaal, Rujuta

Design Evaluation

Noopur, Karthik, Kasturi, Tejas

Tech Analysis