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Case Study 2018


Curiosity, meet Augmented Reality

…iPad App of the Year…

How do you utilize the power of AR to not only teach students new things, but also in an environmentally-sustainable way?

Enter DesignMate’s FroggiPedia - “2018 iPad App of the Year” and Apple Chicago Education Event superstar.

Students can learn about frog’s life-cycle in an interactive manner, .

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Research & Moodboards —
Designing for Augmented Reality is like one of those childhood dreams that become a reality.

Having grown up on a staple diet of mythology and science fiction, designing FroggiPedia was in a way realization of such dream. To research how to approach the user interface, I looked up everything from game design to interface designs for sci-fi and superhero films.

Deliverables —

It was fun designing the interface and user interactions for this app.

One of the big things we realized while designing for AR was that the objects would be rendered in real world, on a canvas on which we had no control. While movies and games were great reference points, they were still designed and rendered in controlled environments.

froggipedia iphone app
Frog lifecycle screens where users can view 3d models of frog from an egg to a toad in this obligatory image of hand holding iPhone with app screenshot.
Froggipedia on iPad
Screengrab from Apple Education Event live-cast (source credit: The Verge)

The design process included testing the UI across a variety of backdrops. AR in reality might not always be rendered on the surfaces with the best contrast, which meant we had to make sure our interface elements would have the required visual affordances.

Greg “Joz” Joswiak,VP of Product Marketing, Apple

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