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Harappa Education

2021 Edu Tech

How to take a B2B edu-tech platform to an audience of growth-minded individuals? Meet Harappa!

Product Design UX/UI Design
iOS / Android

Harappa came to us with a goal to redefine and redesign their education platform aimed for individuals seeking professional growth.

Their original program was tailored for organizations, and they wanted to transform it to target individuals.


different screens for harappa showing profile analysis, customized learning paths, and engagement modules

With the Harappa team, we came up with an idea to break their original education modules into smaller units with a focus on more guided learning.

This would allow individuals to maintain their motivation to continue and complete educational units. We also defined a gamification plan that would nudge users to complete a certain number of modules everyday.

a learning pathway
continued learning
to help learners complete their modules, we made it easy for them to jump back in.
Outcome —

With a new content policy, hooks and nudges to bring users back regularly to achieve their goals, and the updated visual design - the Harappa app is ready to help millions of professionals thrive at workplaces.

various gamification and engagement components
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