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2020-21 Insure-tech

A multi-platform design for ZenDrive’s Usage-based Insurance solution.

Product Design Design Systems
iOS / Android

The goal of this Zendrive app is to allow insurance providers to track driving habits of insurance holders.

The insurance providers can then personalize their offerings.


zendrive home, driving map, and weekly analysis

To function properly and to capture the most reliable data for the app users to understand their driving behaviors, the app needs access to some permissions on both Android and iOS.

We explain the users why we need those permissions, and reward them for allowing access to those data points.

This also helps users understand the concept of badges in the app, as they start to earn badges from the very first step.

onboarding with multiple OS-level permissions
Gamification: Leaderboards, Badges, & Rewards

Working with the ZenDrive team, we designed a whole gamification system with badges, leaderboards, and an extensible ability to exchange good driving scores for rewards.

driving score leaderboard
insurance companies can offer rewards to encourage good driving behaviours
Family Set-ups

The app has opt-in modules for setting up family groups, so the users can track driving habits of their dependents.

family account set-up
badges for completing in-app tasks
custom-designed badges
Custom-designed Badges

We got a set of badges custom-designed for Zendrive - users could earn badges for each drive and also for maintaining streak of activities.

Movement by Design

This app embodies the underlying concept of dynamism in its visual design.

As we are introducing new paradigms at various points, we have added visual cues to and microanimations to draw users’ eyes towards them.

fitting motion design for an app about movement
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