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2022 Fin-tech

Zolve is a super cool fin-tech platform made just for new immigrants. ’Coz immigrants, they get the jobs done ✊🏾

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So here’s the deal: when people move to the US on a student or work visa, they usually don’t have the credit history needed for credit cards. They can’t open a checking or savings account from their home country.

This is where our friendly neighbourhood fin-tech Zolve swoops in to save the day with their awesome platform that makes everything a breeze.

Zolve partnered with 3 Sided Coin to build product capabilities for new business verticals. Over the next 6-plus months, our role expanded to include landing page designs, mentorship for junior designers, and analysis and optimization plans for the design system.


a new, shiny crypto platform —

We played a pivotal role in shaping Zolve’s foray into the cryptocurrency world. We worked closely with the team to ideate and design a seamless crypto-trading flow for US immigrants, positioning it to compete with industry heavyweights like Robinhood, Revolut, and Coinbase.

In tandem, we designed a contemporary marketing page for this innovative vertical, blending cutting-edge technology with Zolve’s core principles.

landing page for zolve’s crypto offerings
new product capabilities —

We helped Zolve with the initiative to broaden the product's horizons, enhancing it with some useful new additions. Get ready for this:

  • we introduced the convenience of credit score checks
  • gave the outdated utility bill payment process a refreshing makeover, and
  • fine-tuned the banking features for a seamless experience
this screen shows updated and new product capabilities from credit score check to improved banking experience
from credit score check to improved banking experience: now zolve has it all
landing pages —

To effectively market these exciting new product capabilities, we created tailored landing pages to showcase Zolve’s new offerings. These pages highlighted features like credit scores and innovative credit-building solutions such as the Azpire Card. These landing pages became the gateway to showcasing Zolve’s financial prowess.

design system audit, optimization —

Mission: eliminate inconsistencies, redundancies, and outdated elements.

As part of Zolve's internal design team, we saw the need to enhance the existing design system. Working closely with Zolve colleagues, we consolidated color schemes, typography, icons, illustrations, and design components, ensuring a streamlined and cohesive design system.

credits —